1. Jayson Wonder's Avatar

    I have jusst dumped my iPhone and have joined the fold with my Nexus 5. I do have a couple of Android tablets so I am not totally new to this great OS.

    The issue I am having is this... I have 5 gmail accounts (primarily for email) and 2 of them are Google Play accounts, I used a different account for each tablet I had running. In hindsight the 2 google play accounts was stupid because now I have apps I want to use scattered on various devices, mainly on the Nexus 5, spread on both accounts.

    Here is what I want to accomplish:
    - Consolidate all of my apps to 1 single account and ideally close / delete one of them
    - Just use the 1 single account on all of my deveices access all of my apps
    - Have Google Play associate only with the 1 main account
    - Utilize / access my 5 total gmail accounts for email only, I have no need to have 5 Google Keep, People, Calanders etc. I only use the 1 main account (the one I want all my apps in play to use) for all my contacts and notes and calanders. The remaining 4 accounts are really ony for email.

    I am sure this can be done some how but I can't seem to figure this out. Any suggestions or advice would be truly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
    02-23-2014 12:55 PM
  2. Chex313's Avatar
    Unfortunately Google says you can't do it....You can move some of your info between accounts.
    02-23-2014 08:16 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    The Play account is determined by the account in Settings/Accounts. So if you change all your devices to the same gmail account, they should all show up in play. Rename them first, or you'll go nuts trying to figure out which "Nexus 5" you want to install this particular app on.

    You can't have different devices on different email addresses and the same Play address - the Play address is the email address.

    Once you set them all up on the main email address, you can add the other email addresses in Settings/Accounts. (I have 8 gmail addresses, 5 devices (2 of them are virtual devices on my PC) and no problems, except that only 2 of my gmail addresses appear on anything buy my main PC email app.)
    02-23-2014 08:23 PM
  4. Jayson Wonder's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply guys. Ok well can I do this..., tell the device not to use / sync anything but email and therefore not using the apps, notes, calanders only and just the one main account on google play? Like in accounts turn off all but mail sync or will this break something?

    Or do you recommend wipping the device clean and starting all over.
    02-23-2014 10:01 PM

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