1. ITworksLLC's Avatar
    I followed this guide and am having trouble getting a successful root. See attached screenshot of ODIN.

    I would appreciate any insights.

    Samsung Note 8 AT&T - Trouble Rooting-2014-02-26_14-54-21.png
    02-26-2014 03:30 PM
  2. John Winker's Avatar
    I think it's because you have the AT&T variant. That root method is for the wifi only.
    02-27-2014 12:33 AM
  3. ITworksLLC's Avatar
    Do you know what directions I would follow for my device then?

    Sent from my XT1058 using Tapatalk
    02-27-2014 07:04 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    Try Kingo. The worst that can happen (other than growing old waiting for the download - the server is sometimes very slow) is that it'll tell you that it can't root your device. As far as instructions, connect the tab to the computer, install Kingo and run iit. When it connects to the tab, click the "Root" button. Sit back and watch grass grow (it takes a few minutes, downloading the right files for your device, and it will probably reboot at least once). When the Root button turns into a Finish button, click it.

    Save Kingo, because if you run it on the tab again, Kingo becomes an unrooting program (in case you should ever want to unroot).
    02-27-2014 05:47 PM

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