1. inertianinja's Avatar
    I have been searching, and can't find anything that will do this.

    I would like to create home screen shortcuts for a specific music album, with the album art as the icon.
    When tapped, it would play that album in my music player (PowerAmp, in this case).

    The best I can find are music player control widgets (not what i'm looking for) or Playlist shortcuts (does't make sense to create a playlist for every album, and the icon is generic).

    For those wondering WHY I would want to do this - in the old days of CDs, when you left the house you might grab a few CDs and those would be in your heavy rotation for the day. You might have a 12-disc wallet thing that you brought into the car. This would be very similar, but more awesome.
    02-27-2014 09:56 PM
  2. againstme79's Avatar
    Anyone anything?? I want the same thing. Takes too long clicking into the apps, finding the album, etc.
    02-09-2015 07:17 AM
  3. inertianinja's Avatar
    I posted this question in a few places and requested the feature from a few developers. No luck.
    02-09-2015 07:18 AM
  4. ddurand420man's Avatar
    download the app desktop visualizer and you can do this really easily.

    set up a widget for it. You could import album art as the picture if you wanted.
    03-22-2015 10:40 AM

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