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    I have several different android devices and until recently had no wi fi problems. My router is in the loft so i have a devolo powerline adaptor thst has worked fine for several years. My broadbsnd provider is talktalk - again i have been with them for years with no problems. Recentky i made the mistake of taking up talktalk free offer of a you view tv box. I installed this using my develo powerline adaptor. Ever since i did this my wifi network has had problems. My android devices find the network but do not acquire the ip address. If i turn my main router of and back on again all my android devices work for about half a day and then the problrm reoccurs. My laptop which is a windows based machine is not affected. I have unplugged the you view box and sent it back to talktalk so everything should be back to what is was before. Both talktalk and develo say it is the others fault and nothing to do with them. Any advice would be welcome.
    03-11-2014 06:41 AM

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