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    Hello all, I am new to the forums and I have a problem with my phone... I have Samsung Galaxy S2 (Korean Version) I am able to send SMS through the stock App, however it is only limited to 80 characters. Typing anything over 80 will convert it to MMS. I was told that there is no way to bypass this limitation in the Korean Version of the phone and I was adviced to use 3rd party software (to reach 160 character limit per text) such as Go SMS Pro or Handcent SMS. I have tried both, each at a separate time. Using both apps, I was able to receive SMS without problems however I wasn't able to send SMS. Right after pressing send, a notification appears every time saying that the sending has failed. Is there a way to fix this?

    I just want to be able to compose SMS with 160-character limit per text. If there are any other solutions, please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
    03-18-2014 10:39 AM

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