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    Verizon Incredible 4G LTE. I got Unlocked and S-OFF with Rumrunner's tool. Then immediately flashed the latest TWRP from their website. Then flashed CM10.2 rom from their website (for the Incredible 4g). Booted up but had no service. Just sat in roaming. Hmmm. So I tried another ROM (a Viper rom) and got the exact same results. ROM loads up, but just sits in roaming. Then I flashed the stock rooted deodexed Verizon ROM. Still no service. I tried loading various radio zips and I also called *228 and *22899. As soon as I hit call, an alert pops up saying that a sim card has been added for service. But it still just sits in roaming. Even after rebooting several times between all flashes. Yes, I factory reset/wiped/cleared between ROMs. I even relocked the bootloader and reloaded the factory Verizon RUU. Still no service.

    03-25-2014 06:07 PM

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