1. Vombat's Avatar
    After I "upgraded" my OS to 4.2.2 using the auto-upgrade feature on my Samsung Galaxy Grand GT-I9082, I've lost a huge number of features, including the following. Unfortunately, I didn't note my original OS, nor have I taken any kind of backup of it (not that I know how to!).

    - Multi-window option has been disabled, and the multi-window toolbar has disappeared.

    - Camera, Gmail and one more App that were available as icons on the lock screen are no longer available.

    - Earlier on receiving a call, I could send a message with several pre-set options such as "I'm in a meeting", "I'll call you later", I'm driving", etc. This is no longer available.

    - "Favorites" option has disappeared. This is a BIG inconvenience!
    - When I go to "Phone", I always get the "keypad" page. Earlier, I used to get whatever page I was last on (keypad / logs / favorites)
    - The text size has mysteriously (and unnecessarily) increased, in the "Logs" page.

    - "Favorites" option has disappeared; I can't mark any contacts as "favorites".
    - Long-pressing on any contact would give me several options, including sending contact details to anyone by message. This, and many other options, have vanished after the upgrade. At present, there are only three options: 'Edit', 'Delete', and 'Add to Group' in the main "Contacts" page, and only 'Remove Member' when viewed in the "Groups" page.
    - The number of data fields in each contact in 'edit' mode have drastically reduced. Most importantly, due to removal of the "Notes" field, I have lost all the info I had entered in there: miscellaneous info that didn't fit into any other field.

    - When a call is being dialled or is in progress, I can't turn on the Bluetooth because the button has been removed from the 'Call' page. Earlier, I could quickly turn on the Bluetooth and switch to it even as the call was being dialled or was in progress.

    - The number of fields in each event in the calender has been drastically reduced. Most importantly, I have lost the ability to set reminders, as the 'Reminders' option has been removed. I can set events, but not reminders for them.
    - The left button on my phone (the 'options' button) has no functions in the 'date' and 'event' pages.

    - I can't rename folders in the gallery any more.
    - More than half the options (available by pressing the left button) have disappeared.

    - The "Alarm" widget has been removed, and I really miss it. Now I have to laboriously open the 'clock' app, scroll to the desired alarm and activate it. Earlier, I had set three or four commonly used alarms in the widget and I could set them directly from my desktop!
    - Earlier, if I long-pressed the right-hand button ('Back' button) of my phone, I got a hidden pull-out menu that contained the icons of a whole lot of useful Apps that I could access quickly. Also, this pull-out menu permitted multi-windows (splitting the screen between two different Apps). This pull-out menu is no longer available.

    Can anybody please tell me how to:-
    (a) Fix these problems (if that's possible)?
    (b) Download & restore a better (not necessarily 'higher') version of Android on my phone?
    (c) Backup my OS, or set a restore point, as can be done in PCs (if that's possible)?
    03-29-2014 07:29 AM
  2. Islam Shady's Avatar
    this to fix missing mute and Bluetooth.

    05-02-2014 10:24 AM
  3. chellseyaguilar's Avatar
    I just had same issue with all the same things. It was the update to 4.2.2. To fix it I went to settings, easy mode, turned to standard selection. Pushed done and everything went back to normal.
    10-01-2014 01:37 PM
  4. Seaview40's Avatar

    I'm having a little trouble getting to the easy mode. When I go to Settings on my GT-I9082, after is loaded 4.2.2 without my permission, I have four choices at the top of the screen - Connections/My Device/Accounts/More. I've had a look at all of these Settings but was unable to find the Easy Mode you were talking about. Could you please let me know which Setting the Easy Mode is in? Thanks.

    02-17-2015 09:35 PM
  5. JK D's Avatar
    Thx ... i got it back..... after all knowledge is power....
    03-19-2016 04:27 AM
  6. JK D's Avatar
    I just had same issue with all the same things. It was the update to 4.2.2. To fix it I went to settings, easy mode, turned to standard selection. Pushed done and everything went back to normal.
    03-19-2016 04:27 AM
  7. Send2AKumaresh 1's Avatar
    Open the Settings, select device, in this - you can find the below the "Notification Panel" - Easy Mode. Tap this and off this.
    04-21-2016 11:12 AM

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