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    Hm, not sure quite where I needed to post this, so I decided to put it here for now. If it needs relocating, please do so.

    Anyway, as the title says, I have a rather annoying problem that seems to have started with the latest version of GoSMS, which is currently 5.4.

    Basically, I cannot change the ringtone for individual people. Every time I change it, it just resets back to the default ringtone (Captains Log) no matter what I do. Everything else remains the same... such as LED settings and the Go icon, but the notification ringtone does NOT save with the rest of the settings. In most cases, the individual notifications change. One of them will have the Default ringtone, and the other will have a random System ringtone but neither of them keep the custom one. Also, the ringtones are all on the SDCard, if that helps.

    Its not the phone, as testing with another SMS apps the ringtone remains constant, and does not reset. Unfortunately, though... GoSMS has all the features I need, whereas the others I've tried do not.

    Is anyone else with this version of GoSMS having this problem as well, or is it just me? Any advice will be appreciated.
    03-30-2014 11:32 AM
  2. PureChaosX's Avatar
    Never mind.. I kinda answered my own question, I did a full factory rest of the phone and it seems to be working fine again. Strange, I wonder what could have caused it.
    03-30-2014 06:23 PM

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