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    I have a bunch of albums i uploaded to my SD card on my Android Samsung galaxy S3 verizon phone. when i go to open the default music player i most if not all of the album art is missing. what gives. I put .jpg images in the folders where the music is stored before i uploaded to the my phone. how can i fix this so the music player sees the album art and uses it accordingly. I do not want to use an Album art finder app to update the album art because what was the sense of adding a .jpg image to the folder in the first place. it also does not make sense that there are some albums art that is found but not others. what a mess.

    one more question in this same realm. I also have one artist that comes up unknown the artist is Bjork why does it come up unknown? is it because it is not spelled correctly , do i need to type the O in scands text. how can i type in scands text? any assitance is appreciated.
    04-01-2014 12:22 PM

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