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    I'm looking for the following surprisingly hard to find features in a note taking app. (I've listed them in rough priority order, but have little expectation I can get them all, short of writing my own app.)
    1. Primarily used for text notes (It's fine if it also does other things, even prefers them to text, but I'm going to use it for text - and automatic speech-to-text would be cool, if available)
    2. Can import existing text notes (from Palm Notes via Note Everything, but willing to massage data as needed as long as I can do so with a script; just not eager to retype)
    3. Data is stored on the phone; ie can search, read, edit, add while in airplane mode
    4. Notes can be organized - and not just when first created
    5. Long lived notes - not just a To-Do list app.
    6. Can export the data in a reasonable format
    7. Can view and edit on desktop as well as on the phone - ideally even on linux, but will accept Windows Vista
    8. Can control when it syncs - e.g. "only when on wireless"
    9. Good expectation of privacy. Prefer peer-to-peer sync/backup rather than sync-to-cloud. Prefer encrypted storage if in cloud.

    Any suggestions? Testimonials? Warnings?

    So far I've looked at:
    • Note Everything: Fails on export (presently making it hard for me to get my existing notes from my old Droid II to my new Nexus V), access on desktop. Can probably manage to backup-and-restore with the help of a 3rd party app. - or if I root both phones ;-)
    • Evernote: If I'm reading this correctly, no control on syncing, and must pay a monthly fee to have data on the phone itself. Not tried it. Has Web-update, and thus desktop access/update, even linux.
    • Google Keep: See no sign that it can function in airplane mode etc. It's very cloud oriented. But not run it to check. Can doubtless access/update from any system that will run chrome, so it passes the desktop test. (I don't actually like chrome, unfortunately.)
    • SpringPad: Looks like I need to install it to get any useful info.
    • ColorNote: pays attention to privacy (yay!). No info on import/export. No desktop.

    Any suggestions? Additional info. on those apps. I'm aware of?

    Thanks in advance.

    [Update - I found some documentation for Evernote for Android that claims there is good control on syncing. That seems to contradict what I found in their documentation about premium mode. But if true, they have everything but import, with a meh expectation of privacy. Going to experiment farther with them - but still open to other recommendations.]
    04-01-2014 02:32 PM

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