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    I recently made the switch from a iphone 4s to note 3. I'm having a minor issue syncing music to my note 3 with media monkey (4.1). basically, i can get music onto the phone but the album art get completely screwed up. if i sync a playlist or album, that attempt will get the files on the phone and album artwork will be just fine (let's call this sync A). any future syncs (sync B) will result in the album art from the prior sync replacing any artwork on the current sync (so the album artwork from sync A replaces artwork on sync B). i would suspect that somehow media monkey program is probably at fault, but then this even occurs if i manually delete the sync B files and replaced them manually on the phone...after the manual copy they retained their incorrect album artwork. i had to wipe out my entire music library just to get the specific files from "sync B" to display their correct album artwork. but then the issue occurred again when i attempted another sync more files. this problem occurs regardless of which media player i use (google music app, media monkey music app).

    i used itunes for years previously and never had this issue. so that's at least one thing itunes gets right. anyone else experience this. does anyone know of a program/method to fix this issue? i've been looking for a while for a program that allows easy management of my music library (20,000+ files) and easy syncing to a phone.

    p.s. I've tried numerous other programs (easytunesync, double twist, isyncr, etc) and didn't feel they suited my needs.
    04-01-2014 10:48 PM

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