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    so like so many other post i got the BLU LIFE ONE M nice phone but could not get it to text pics and internet was down i was able to get the net very easy but after many searches and a call to consumer cellular i had no luck but between this site and them i found my settings even though i keep seeing that some phones just wont work HOG WASH in less than a day i got it so first dont give up there are answer it could be a bad spelling a space or dot put in the wrong plzce oh you caught that good the second is to reboot each time and give it a minute third call the help line let them try at least ya get registered on the system maybe thats not needed but cover your bases im smart just not a genyass yep you got it again your mind fills in the blanks be slow and change one setting at a time you cant go wrong so this i my configuration in nj philadelphia area consumer cellular customer blu phone unlock factory andriod
    name- consumer cellular
    apn- att.mvno
    apn type-default,mms,supl,wap
    proxy-not set
    username-not set
    password-not set
    mms port-80
    authentication type-pap
    apn protocol-ipv4
    apn roaming-ipv4
    04-02-2014 12:28 AM

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