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    I have Samsung Galaxy SII with Samsung 32GB SD micro card. The phone was saving pictures authomaticly to the SD card. Everything was fine until few days ago. I couldn't open some pictures from the last trip. There were blank places instead of thumbnails. I decided to save the rest of the pictures (that survived) from the card on to my computer, unfortunately, before I've done it I couldn't open the rest of them. Now it looks like it's taking a few pictures (and movies) a day from my memory card.

    When I copy these pictures on to my computer, I can see the jpeg icon (no thumbnail), the files have sensible sizes (2-3 MB), they are all jpeg files I just can't open them.

    I've tried disc recovery, digital image recovery, but it didn't help.

    Sad thing is that I had similar problem before, but I was using a cheap, chinesse no name sd card. I thought it was just faulty card, so decided to go for Samsung 32GB, and now I have the same problem. The card is only filled with 3GB (photos, movies, music). It was formated before I started using it. Is this sth wrong with my phone or rather SD card?

    Also, when I wanted to copy come pictures from my old mobile on to my card it copied only some of it, and the rest was copied as a unknown files all wit the same name: "u" (Greek letter "mi").

    Could you please help me? These pictures are very important to me. Is there any chance that I could get them back (or rather open them, because they are still there)? Is there anything like a cloud, or a phone memory that it saves previously opened files?

    04-02-2014 02:30 PM

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