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    This is my first post so sorry if I am posting in the wrong section.

    Hello, I was recently given a used samsung galaxy s3. Before this I had the LG Optimus f3 and I completely loved that phone except for the internal storage and ram which was 4gb and 1 gb respectively. It was rooted and was running on 4.1.2 Jelly bean. With its limited storage I had to rely on having basically everything on my external sd card. This is why I decided to give the galaxy s3 a chance.

    It has now been a week and I am not happy with this new phone. Even though it is running on 4.3, has four times the internal storage, and 1.5 times the Ram it seems to lag a crap load more than my older phone. Granted, it is not rooted(and am not planning on rooting it since it still has warranty and it is an expensive phone) but I still disabled almost every pre-installed application that is allowed. I am using Nova with three screens, four widgets(calendar, music, clock, and google search bar), and ripple effect deactivated. I have clean master, and fast reboot, and use them regularly as I would do with my older phone. The battery life is also another big issue for me. This phone lasts about 6-9 hours with small-regular use. Even with apps like Juice defender this phone seems to have very poor battery life. also, I have been noticing weird battery problems from charge not reaching 100% to dying when at 5% to even having the phone read 0% while charging. This could be due to the fact that it is not a new battery but it is still no older than a year. I also find myself having to kill all apps that are running and "clearing memory" from ram quite often.

    Anyway, why is it that this phone lags so much when my old phone was basically lag free? is it because of 4.3? the possibly defective battery? the phone? Is there any way I can improve my phone's performance that I have not already done? Should I just switch back to my old phone? I would rather make this phone run as good as my old phone was because this phone has a lot of more memory. oh and I did do a factory reset when I got it. I am also not running on power saving mode(unless my phone has low battery) The phone is usually running on 850 mb to 950mb of ram and most apps that take up this space are pre-installed apps except facebook(which keeps turning on by itself even though i set the refresh interval to never)

    Here are some of the apps that I have downloaded and use on my phone:
    alarm clock plus
    best wallpapers hd
    clean master
    counties location maps quiz
    epsxe(playstation emulator) also have like 5gb worth of roms on my external sd card
    fast reboot
    google play services
    google play story
    google search
    google text-to-speech engine
    gpa calculator
    hulu plus
    juice defender
    juice defender ultimate
    blackboard learn
    maxthon browser
    mobile life
    music maniac pro
    nova launcher
    podcast addict
    samsung push service
    unit converter
    visual voicemail
    All of these apps were on my old phone as well

    Device name- sgh-t999 (T-mobile version)
    android version-4.3
    Kernel- 3.0.31-1962493

    Sorry if I gave too much unnecessary information but I felt it was necessary.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advance.
    04-12-2014 05:02 PM

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