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    Hello, before i begin I just want to point out that I know there are a few of these around, but non of them helped me (It's still my first day, there is that but..)

    Well thing is, other peoples cases weren't exactly the same as mine, When making an account I set it to my own country, and even verified it using my phone (Sms code and all). Now that I want to purchase some in-game items, it isn't letting me (isn't letting me for any other purchase either.) An important point may be that, I already have another account (on my phone) but I bought this device (A tablet) today and wanted a new account so I could make a new account for the game I play, So I set my debit card on this account as well, but as i mentioned earlier, it isn't working.

    so now, I'm wondering, is it because it's just my first day of the account, and it's some "safety precaution", or because I have the same debit cards on two accounts/devices or...?
    04-13-2014 12:59 PM

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