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    I just sent back my HTC M8 & got a Galaxy S5, & one of the few things I liked about the M8 was it's messaging app. It kept track of both text messages and voicemail, thereby freeing up a little space in my dock. I've been searching to no avail for an app that will do that on my GS5. Funny thing is, the messaging apps that came pre-installed on both phones were called "Messages", but the M8 app was version 6.something & the GS5 one is version 4. Not sure whether that's really different versions of the same app, but the GS5 one doesn't do voicemail, and I can't find the other one anywhere (via the Play store, Google, etc.). Anyone got a link to an app that can do this? Thanks!
    04-13-2014 01:50 PM

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