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    I have Galaxy S3 which is coming to the end of it's contract. I want to start paying less than the current 35 a month contract. So should I keep the s3 and get a sim only deal or are there any newer midrange phones that are now better than the s3.

    04-18-2014 03:16 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Define "better". If the S3 does what you need, it's a good phone for you. If you need more capability (larger screen, S-Pen, more storage, whatever), it's not a good phone for you. Should you get rid of your Morris Minor for a Rolls? It's an individual thing. I'm using a Note 3, but with cataracts, even reading glasses don't help much on a small screen, so I needed a large one. If I could carry a 10 inch tab with phone capability around easily I'd probably use that. But a younger friend with good vision loves his little (tiny, actually, by comparison) iPhone 4. I can barely make out the icons on the screen.

    Draw up a list of the advantages and disadvantages of whatever "better" phone you were thinking of and the S3 (and include money for each), and see which is better for you. Even my wife and I, who were both computer professionals for years before we retired (and owned a few phone stores), and who are using the same phone, have them set up completely differently. To her it's a phone that can text, get her on Facebook and give her a few games when she's sitting in a doctor's waiting room. To me it's a small "laptop" that's more powerful than the first network controller I administered. It's also a Linux box and a toy.

    We're each different. No one can tell you which phone, car or flavor of ice cream is better for you, only which is better for them.
    04-18-2014 05:42 PM

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