1. Odie34's Avatar
    Hello all,

    New to the Galaxy Note 3. While setting up the phone, I selected a wallpaper that I had downloaded into the Gallery and set it as the wallpaper for the
    LOCK screen. It worked with no issues.

    I then wanted to create a folder to move the picture into and the Gallery gave me that option. I created a folder named PICTURE A and moved the pic that
    I was using as a wallpaper for the LOCK screen into it.

    I went to look for the folder later and it's not there. It's still using the picture I designated for the LOCK screen, but the folder is nowhere to be found. I've looked using My Files, looked in the Storage section of Settings and thru all the apps and such. Nothing.

    What rock haven't I turned over to find it? Any help appreciated as I continue to learn the phone.
    04-21-2014 04:48 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar

    /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/<name of your album>
    (Use ES File Explorer, Total Commander or some other file manager app.)
    04-21-2014 10:24 PM
  3. Odie34's Avatar
    Many thanks Rukbat!
    04-23-2014 12:47 PM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    If anything like that happens in the future, on any computer, make a very unique folder name, then use the computer's search capabilities to find it. That's all I did. It took about as long for ES File Explorer to open as it did for it to find the folder.
    04-23-2014 05:36 PM

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