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    I have had an android phone pretty much from the begining. However shortly after the ipad came out our company decided to give us one (iPad2) which was great! Since then I have become a fan of the Samsung devices and the old ipad 2 is getting old and tired. More me tired of Apple. Regardless there is one thing that our company uses ALLOT and that is Goodreader to link up to Microsoft Sharepoint. We are able to load a ton of catalogs for our buisiness, videos and any other document you can think of thru goodreader and is cached on the pad no internet connection needed.

    My biggest hurdle is that I want to jump ship to the Samsung Note Pro for a pad, I have had such a great experiance in the field at customers with my Note 3 phone and the ease with which I can take notes and just about everthing I need to do I can accomplish on the phone. Problem is if I need to show a catalog or video even the Monster phone is a bit to small for that.

    Anything out there? Or am I stuck with i for now?? I dont mind having to interlace a couple of apps to accomplish what Goodreader does but just not sure which would be my choice.
    04-23-2014 05:33 PM

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