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    I have installed other region ROM[German] on my galaxy s4 (i9505) and since then my wifi stopped working [wont turn on at all] , i have tried reinstalling the original ROM which did not solved the issue . Searched in several forums tried several methods like

    > Reflashing the modem file again n again ,
    > Changing ro.securestorage.support=true, from true to false
    > Taking out the battery and reinserting it

    none of the above methods solved the isue .

    I have no idea with programming . But i can provide log files so that anyone can analyse . Please help me with this issue . Please let me know if anymore details are needed.

    I have seen several people posted the same issue but after searching all of them none of the threads have a gauranteed / proper solution , thats y i am posting here .

    04-28-2014 06:24 PM

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