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    Hi all, been doing alot of reading on XDA and here and still unable to find a right solution since HTC one is a year old mobile now.

    Ok so whats known is that no OTA update if you are out of state side using AT&T sim unlocked phone. Now comes the all in Rooting, Unlocked stuff etc...but what if you dont wanna do all that fancy stuff and just simply install OTA via PC without wiping your entire data and with locked bootloader/ S-on and no rooted device. Just like the OTA update does it for you via wi fi, so its kinda hard to believe that you have to do sooo much tinkering (rooting, unlocked bootloader, custom recovery etc) with your device in order to manually update your Android version :/.

    Thank you

    Phone Info:
    4.1.2, software number is 1.26.502.12
    Kernel Version: 3.4.10-g0a0f902
    root@abm001 #1

    Baseband version:

    1.26.502.12 CL166754 RELEASE-KEYS

    m7_ul pvt ship S-on RH
    Hboot 1.44.0000
    Radio 4a.14.3250.13
    openDSP v26.120.274.0202
    eMMc Boot
    May 3 2013 19 16 59 -1
    05-02-2014 06:14 AM

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