1. Toddzilla#WN's Avatar
    I think I'm going in the reverse direction of most people here, but my lapper hard drive died and took my itunes library with it. However, I have a backup of the music and playlists to Google Music and I'm using the Music Manager software to download my library back to my new PC.

    My question is this...how can I get my Google Music playlists download to my PC and then synced to my new iTunes?

    Thanks in advance!
    05-02-2014 02:25 PM
  2. AndroidProf's Avatar
    Assuming you know how to get your music from Google music, and know how to get them into iTunes..and all you need is to sync your android to iTunes, then you can read this article on how-sync-music-and-videos-your-computer-aka-itunes
    05-03-2014 01:09 AM

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