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    First off thank you for viewing my thread.

    Im going to attempt to explain this as simple as i can


    Had my nexus 4 on solavei and ran for about 5 months, got out and went ATT

    now that im on ATT (for those who have it know) it requires area code to perform in any situation

    The issue that im coming up on, all of my contacts have area code in including (we shall call her user1)

    user1 in the contact list has area code, and if i open via contact and send sms its normal and works

    if i go into my current messenger ( go sms) and user1's area code is there

    BUT! if they reply to me, and i go back in via go sms, the area code is gone, only the number.

    so my current remedy is to go into contacts and start over. Very irritating in a text convo.

    So ive looked through my contact lists, there is no duplicate with the same number. Ive tried deleting the message thread and the contact entirely and putting user1 back in. Same problem.

    ive cleared cache and still no change. Im at a loss and i have not the slightest idea where its coming from.

    the only part that i have any guess, is the stock messenger has the phone number minus area code in the message list. but its not tied to user1's contact. its just the number alone.

    i tried to delete the message thread in the stock messenger and it wont do it

    Sorry for the long thread, any input would be appreciated. im kinda going crazy !
    05-03-2014 10:04 PM

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