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    I am due for an upgrade and I am looking for an android phone that I can "carrier-unlock" for AT&T. I used to have a Sony Xperia X10 and unlocking that was a breeze. I switched to a Motorola Atrix2 and couldn't find a way to unlock that. I have been using an Iphone 4s for the last couple of years and want to switch to an Android (mostly because of the huge screens.)
    I know when I upgrade AT&T most likely won't be nice and just give me the code. I plan on using it with AT&T with no overseas travel, but I just want to get rid of the AT&T bloat apps and also find the cool apps that AT&T won't let me use.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Or do the EBAY sites really work to get the unlock code?

    Thanks in advance for any info
    05-05-2014 09:58 PM
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    I think you're talking about two different things.

    Carrier unlocking allows you to use your phone with multiple carriers. It will allow you to switch between carriers by just putting in a new SIM card. You can either request an unlock code from AT&T (not sure what their policy on this is, but a quick Google search should help you find out) or purchase an unlocked phone, like those available on Google Play.

    Unlocking the bootloader would allow you to root your phone and give you the access to delete bloatware or sideload an app the carrier might be blocking. Some phones are easier to do this on than others...so best bet is to narrow down your phone options and then look to the forums to see how difficult attaining root will be.
    05-06-2014 08:41 AM
  3. dxbrooks1's Avatar
    Thanks for the response. I do know that the carrier unlocking would allow me to use the phone on other networks. When I had the Sony Xperia X10 I "unlocked" it, I thought from the carrier. I was able to download apps from the Google Play store that my wife could not with her locked phone (both were the Xperia X10). That is what I am looking to do, and I could do it without side-loading.

    Are the any phones that the bootloader can't be unlocked. When I had a Motorola Atrix2, I couldn't find a way to unlock the bootloader (but that was 2+ years ago)
    05-06-2014 06:58 PM
  4. cpaight's Avatar
    I have heard of carriers blocking some apps but not sure how widespread it is currently, and not sure if unlocking the phone would get you around it.

    As for bootloaders, I know that some phones are definitely much easier to unlock (like the Nexus) but it seems that most get exploited eventually....I'd try checking out the forums over at XDA for the specific phone you're interested in to see if someone has hacked it yet.
    05-07-2014 08:22 AM

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