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    The cartoons HD app which was removed from the Apple App store and Play store for making copyright content available is now available from a website 'gappcenter.com'.

    Leaving aside the obvious issues of illegal content, how is the app able install from the website without going through the app store? I've not tried it on an Android device but I've seen it installed on an iPad and all it did was ask 'do you want to install it?'. I thought iOS was a big sealed box that would only allow installs off the App Store unless the device was jail broken. Is it the same on Android or does it need to 'third party apps' check box ticked.

    In theory the original Cartoons HD app that was on the app store was safe as Apple & Google approved the code. There is no way of knowing that this one is even by the same developers however and I really can't see why they would be producing this for free if there wasn't something dodgy going on. Ad revenue can't even be paying for their bandwidth!

    Anyone got any information or thoughts on this?
    05-08-2014 05:02 AM

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