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    Hello all,

    I'm using the HTC Slide Show Wallpaper stock background, and it has several issues. Firstly, the background croppes standing pictures (hight larger than width), which is unintuitive for a standing phone. This issue I've been able to circumvent by editing the picture and adding white space to each side so that it has more width than height. So a picture that was say 800x600, I added white space to make it say 800x900. Annoying and a lot of work. The second issue is that it doesn't scale down images that are larger than my screen. My Sensation XE has 975 pixels and images that are large (one was 3000x2000) only show 975 pixels in the centre of the image. So I had to scale all my pictures down.

    Both issues are annoying but I can live with it. One issue however keeps bugging me: For some reason, leaving my phone on for longer than 10 minutes makes my phone sluggish, and when returning to the home screen it needs to reload everything taking up 2-3 seconds. Rebooting the phone solves the issue.

    It almost seems as if HTC Slide Show Wallpaper eats up work memory and doesn't clean up after itself. The app info reflects this, as the app cache keeps growing and growing. Clearing the cache makes my phone slightly faster but isn't as effective as rebooting.

    Does anyone have suggestions for a different slideshow wallpaper or, alternatively, can suggest me a program that cleans up work memory in the same way a reboot does?

    Grz, A
    05-09-2014 11:16 PM

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