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    Hoping someone can help. I've recently upgraded my phone from HTC One X to and HTC One M7.

    When I go into system updates on the phone I get the message "The operation is not allow under GSM network. Please switch to CDMA network"
    I live in the UK - is there anyway to update via computer or is this not possible as it seems to be an American phone?

    The ebay seller never told me this and has offered my money back. However, it is such a good price and will cost me much more to replace so If I can do manually it would be ideal.

    05-11-2014 02:50 AM
  2. AndroidProf's Avatar
    Yes, you can always sideload an OTA to your phone (provided you're on the stock recovery). Just look for the OTA for your phone (they usually capture them over at XDA) and sideload it.

    Get Android SDK and install it (you will need the adb binary which can be found in \Android SDK\Platform-tools\)
    Boot into the recovery (you will first boot into the fastboot menu and from there have to make your way to the recovery by holding power + vol. down + home key) or alternatively you can open a CMD window in the folder containing adb binary and type the commandl: adb reboot recovery i.e. after connecting your phone to the computer and having its USB drivers installed
    Look for the option that says “sideload from adb” and select that option
    Place the downloaded file in the folder containing adb and open a cmd window in that folder
    Type “adb sideload filename.zip” to flash the OTA to your phone
    Once done, simply restart your device and you’re done
    05-11-2014 05:15 PM

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