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    Hi, I have the problem that when i install a dialer app (because i don't like the look of the stock dialer and contacts) I get asked every time which app I want use to open the dial pad even if I choose to use ALWAYS my dialer app. It seems Android doesnt want to save my decision. I tried different roms and different dialer apps (Pixelphone and Rocketdialer) but the issue persists. I thought it could be the launcher and tried also another launcher but same prob.

    I have now substituted the dialer and contacts icons in the dock bar in "next launcher" with the app icons i want but this isn't the perfect solution. Every time i change launcher theme i have to change those two icons manually.

    What can I do?

    I'm on KitKat Echoerom Galaxy S4 GT-I9505
    05-15-2014 08:20 AM

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