1. Heena Gupta's Avatar
    I have a private e-mail account (i.e. not Google or other main provider) which uses IMAP
    My e-mail will get sorted into folders by a server side rule. I'm looking for an email app that will alert me if email arrives into a certain folder. The stock e-mail app (on my Nexus5) cannot do this, and neither can any email app I've come across so far.

    Does anyone know of such an app or can anyone think of a workaround. I refuse to be outdone by an iPhone !!!
    05-15-2014 07:46 AM
  2. johnediii's Avatar
    The only decent one is Nitrodesk Touchdown but it is not free. This has been a pet peeve of mine since I first started using Android. It's the one feature that has had me thinking of switching to Apple on many occasions as iOS added this feature years ago.
    05-16-2014 11:11 PM

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