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    Hello there AndroidCentral community, my current device is a LG Optimus F3 for Virgin Mobile. I love almost everything about the phone except for one thing, storage. The storage seriously frustrates me! I do not want to root because I killed my last two phones (LG Optimus V and HTC One V) doing so. My mom wont ever by me a new phone again if I mess this one up. Now the phone is fine and all, but I'm a gamer, and Android games (at least the ones I want) take up a little over a gigabyte each. I cannot play GTA: SA, Modern Combat, Gangstar, Asphalt etc. I'm disappointed in myself for not doing research before Christmas because I just heard the processor was fast and that was all I thought I needed. I am getting a job soon but thats all the way in July and I don't know what to do now. I don't how I can deal with wait but maybe I'm just too anxious and spoiled. My mom feels that if I get a new phone, I'm probably going to want something else and nothing will please me. I'm seriously stuck!
    Any help?!

    Thank You
    05-18-2014 11:27 PM
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    Rooting the phone leaves you with less storage than you started with. (Rooting consists of installing a few files the manufacturer left out, and they take up space.) All rooting does is allow apps that need root to run. Games don't need root.

    You bought a phone with limited storage so live with it. Save your money from your job and buy a phone with enough internal storage for your needs (remembering that the operating system uses some of the storage, so a phone with 16GB internal storage could leave you with 8GB to store programs on). Make sure, if you want to keep a lot of music, videos, etc., that the phone also has external storage (an external SD card). You can't run most programs from external storage, but you can run music and movies, and look at pictures on it.

    Also keep in mind that, as phones come out with more storage, game developers write games that require more storage, so you'll have to replace that phone about every 2 years if you want to keep playing the latest games. We used to run whole offices, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, inventory - the works - in under 64K of storage on a computer. Now you can't put a dot on the screen with a program that small. (And the CPU ran at 4MHz [not GHz] and was a lot faster than some apps run today.) Programs grow to fill available space, because no one today would be happy running a text-based version of Star Trek (which, IIRC, was the first computer game written). You want games that look like movies, with realistic-looking people and scenery, and that takes tons of memory. In 5 years, today's games will look old-fashioned, because they're not realistic enough, and a cheap phone will come with 128GB of internal storage. (If you don't believe me, I still have the 5MB RAM laptop, running a 384MB hard drive and a 50MHz CPU, that we ran a business on. If someone had told me then that a 100GB hard drive would be considered small in a few years, I wouldn't have believed it either.)
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    05-19-2014 12:21 AM
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    So your question is, what should you do with the games? The first thing I would suggest is migrate all docs, music, videos etc that are not always used to a cloud based storage.

    In the meantime, find smaller games, play ONE at a time, use an emulator on a PC to play the games. In the end it comes down to one thing (well, to me)- if you require more space, or a new phone start working hard for it! I am sure there are dongles (in fact I have seen them!) where you use the MicroSD as a 'charger' meaning it is like a USB that connects via the charger socket- I have not used so do not know how they work, but give it a go and let me know!
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    05-19-2014 12:25 AM
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    I checked trade in value of your phone, VM offers $15. Being a VM phone it really has no resale value.
    I tried checking some of the other phones to see if they had more storage, most of the phones they have are odd ball knock offs, so they don't list storage on any of them.
    The ONLY phone I can find with any real storage on VM is iPhone. Talk your mom into one of those. Tell her you will pay her back.
    If you could somehow get off VM and on a real carrier (any of the main 4) you would have a lot more options.

    T-Mobile might be an option. Cheap Plan, maybe grab a Nexus 5 or something. Just know that if you buy samsung anything, half the storage is gone out of the box. so a samsung with 16GB storage has 8GB or less left after all the bloat. iPhone uses about 2.5 GB of 16/32/64

    Not sure what else you can do. Maybe call VM and ask them if they have a phone with 16GB or more storage since they won't list the storage capacity of their phones on their web site.

    I even tried to look up one or 2 using phonearena etc and even they didn't have storage of some of the devices.
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    05-19-2014 12:33 AM

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