1. vbnetprog's Avatar
    I am having a problem every since I bought my Captivate setup of exchange email was easy push works everything is great....
    When I compose an email on the phone if using my exchange account the subject line is normal but the body of the message is gibberish to every person I send it to except for a gmail address go figure.

    Is there a setting to change the encoding for email? <- I know of the option for SMS.

    Is this a know issue I have not been able to find anything about it.

    To add to the mystery if I am responding to an email it works normally only when composing...

    If I send from a different email like yahoo or gmail everything looks normal on the other end.
    10-08-2010 12:35 PM
  2. westuhorn's Avatar
    I am having a similar issue when I forward email from my exchange acct to yahoo or gmail the message is scrambled.

    Wondering what the fix is for this encrypted gibberish from forwarding....It only happens when I forward from my exchange email acct though.
    10-15-2010 01:13 PM
  3. soyandroid's Avatar
    Also having this problem with the Captivate. Forwarded emails are gibberish to the recipients unless you open it in outlook. However, sometimes it occurs when opening it in outlook. So, it makes it harder to diagnose the problem.
    03-07-2011 09:32 AM