1. pawprints86's Avatar
    Ive been wondering about these things since i got the phone:

    com.android.sharedstorage(cuts off)
    com.sec.android.app.minimod(cuts off)
    com.sec.android.providers.dow(cuts off)
    DRM protected content storag(cuts off)
    Google account manager
    google backup transport
    google bookmark sync
    calender/contact sync (also google)
    google partner setup
    Google play services - is this needed for the store to work??
    Key chain
    market feedback agent
    media storage (4.80mb, smaller than the actual amount of media i have stored on external SD card)
    OMACP -??
    Package Access helper
    package installer
    Samsung account - what is this needed for?
    search apps provider
    Share apps
    TwLauncher (im assuming this is the default launcher? Maybe)
    TwWallpaper chooser
    Wifi direct/Wifi sharing/Wifi sharing manager (will disabling any of these disable my ability to actually connect to a wifi network?)

    Can anyone tell me what any of these do?? I have found the spreadsheet that exists... but for alot of these enteries i either couldnt find it at all, or no info or very vague info was present.

    Also, regarding ANY app...... what will happen if i clear data within the settings manager?? In the instance of a game, would i have to start over (if it syncs with facebook)? Is it worth doing or would it just recreate instantly?

    Some of those system things i mentioned above have data amounts that i would clear, if i knew what the apps themselves did.

    If anyone can offer any help for anything mentioned here at all... that would be great!!

    Im basically just trying to keep my phone as clean and bloat free as possible. (i just downgraded and disabled google keyboard. why use imitation swype when i have real swype available? and its much smaller?)

    Bonus question: Anyone know where to download the smiley p.oop (why did the board star out that word?) emoticon for android 4.0.4?

    (PS I am rooted, so i can disable anything that is safe to).
    05-22-2014 12:29 AM
  2. Michael Nancarrow's Avatar
    Before I start I just want to make it 100% clear I am not 100% on the below, and I have not looked into this. This is all done at your own risk and I would suggest investigating. If you find errors, or a professional comments and corrects me this would be awesome.

    Before delving in- clearing data. Because youre going with the intention of keeping your phone clean and slick I would suggest let Clean Master, Memory Booster or All-In-One Toolbox take care of this.
    As for the bonus question, just do a Google Search, or try Aptoide.
    Once again, I am not 100% certain nor can I guarantee I am 100% correct.
    avrcpServiceSamsung; I am not too sure of this one- with all the below Samsung Process/Service/Packages I am clueless on as I do not use.
    com.android.backupconfirm; this has to do with Data Backing up, so if you really dont care I would assume this is okay to disable.
    com.android.sharedstorage(cuts off); Shared Storage leads me to believe access via cloud etc, but I cannot be certain- it is a bit risky being rooted because you have full control, where as not being rooted youre restricted from deleting anything/disabling anything that could hurt the system.
    com.samsung.app.playreadyiu; This again is a Samsung process, I am not sure- it would be best to read the description.
    com.samsung.inputeventapp; Again, Samsung- I am not sure.
    com.sec.android.app.minimod(cuts off)- This one I would recommend not shutting off, nor the next.
    com.sec.android.providers.dow(cuts off) Refer to above- Sec (I believe) refers to as Security.
    CSC; Is this a package? I am not 100% sure with all the packages here and I am just going with what I know- please correct me where wrong and doing your own research.
    DRM protected content storag(cuts off)- I would suggest leaving this on- as I am fairly certain this has to do with Device Storage that shouldnt be altered.
    Google account manager; No. Just, no. I presume you like Hangouts, Google+, Play Store etc? I think many of these do not need to be disabled, just you need to manage them.
    google backup transport; Sure, why not- if you dont need your data backed up (Hell, we can do our own!) I would.
    google bookmark sync; Definitely. I doubt we want to sync bookmarks?
    calender/contact sync (also google); This depends on what you need- I probably would leave this on, as it does not use much battery.
    google partner setup; Because youre running root- I assume this is all okay- if not we could turn back on.
    Google play services - is this needed for the store to work??- Yes, sort of! So lets just leave this on.
    Key chain; Meh, get rid of it. I am not 100% sure of its role, but mine has been disabled and I have had no issues.
    MAPServicesamsung; Samsung junk- I have not the slightest clue. With all this I would look into this- it appears this one is for Maps.
    market feedback agent; We do not need to give feedback!
    media storage (4.80mb, smaller than the actual amount of media i have stored on external SD card); This isnt the app to store everything, and I would suggest you leave it.
    OMACP -??; This is one I am not sure of, you will need to investigate.
    OmaDrmPopup; Leave, this is the same as the above.
    Package Access helper; I am not 100% on this one- I would try it. It sounds as though it is for people when installing APKs.
    package installer; Leave this installed for your applications.
    Popupuireceiver; Leave- sounds like a package to help you receive data, although not 100%
    Quickview; This is all dependent on you really. I personally would keep.
    Samsung account - what is this needed for?- Id assume Samsung have their own market and apps?
    search apps provider; Not really needed- Id remove.
    SecPhone; Not sure on this one, own research required.
    Share apps; I do not think this is needed, Not sure on this one, own research required.
    SnsImageCache; This is the cache and I would leave this one.
    TwDVFSApp; Not sure on this one, own research required.
    TwLauncher (im assuming this is the default launcher? Maybe); TouchWiz if I am correct- please leave this!
    TwWallpaper chooser; Not really needed but advisable to keep.
    Wifi direct/Wifi sharing/Wifi sharing manager (will disabling any of these disable my ability to actually connect to a wifi network?); I would definitely suggest leaving this one.
    Wssyncmlnps; Not sure on this one, own research required.
    05-22-2014 09:22 PM
  3. Reppy07's Avatar
    I believe OMACP has to do with the default messaging client. I have mine completely removed as I use hangouts. I also know a few others who use alternate messaging clients from the playstore have had no issues after removing OMACP.

    Hope this help gives a little insight for anyone =).

    *It is best to freeze the apk before uninstall to make sure for yourself. I take no responsibility if any issues arise. Always make a console phone/rom backup when in doubt =)
    03-12-2015 06:02 AM

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