1. Brad Mathews's Avatar
    I ripped a book on CD and transferred the MP3s to my phone for listening. I have three CDs, each in a different folder (Book Blah Disc 1, Book Blah Disc 2, etc.)

    However, when I open either of three music apps (Google Play Music, WinAmp and Shuttle) several tracks from Disc 2 are in the Disc 3 album and are missing from the Disc 2 album. Only 1 track is left in the Disc 2 album. I verified using my PC and ES File Explorer that the files are indeed in the correct folder.

    I tried MortPlayer and it sees everything correctly.

    Why would the tracks be showing up in the wrong album? I have a Nexus 5.

    05-21-2014 11:39 PM
  2. Nicolas Reid's Avatar
    Sorry to say we won't do that.
    It's just not commercially viable for Google to allow you to retain your own personal folder structure. To be able to be commercially viable, offering the huge space and great services we give, we need to override your own personal structuring, because it's meaningless anyway, and you need to be flattened to one of our standard profiles. Otherwise our rather simple and greedy ad- and mining software just doesn't understand. No revenue = no free google.

    I apologise. Hope you understand. Computer says "No", for the moment.
    We're working on it though!

    Regards, Nick

    P.s. I'm replying on behalf of the entire internet business community, I'm not affiliated with Google Inc. in any way. Well, I am a bit actually. I'm a paying slave -oops- customer.
    12-27-2014 07:25 PM

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