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    Hello everyone,

    My little sisters phone (Samsung Nexus S GT-i9023, not rooted) wont boot.

    She tells me that the phones power button wasnt working anymore, so the battery was running out quickly because the screen was always on. So she started pulling the battery everytime she wanted to turn it off (yes).

    But after a few days doing that, the phone now refuses to boot.
    - Pressing the power button doesnt do anything.
    - When the phone is plugged in (whether to a wall socket or to a computer), it wont boot past a dimly lit screen. The screen goes from very dark grey (but slightly lit, as if it was starting to boot) to completely dark every 10 seconds. It also gets very hot in a few minutes.

    I am thus unable to boot the phone, or access recovery mode (power + volume up) or any other menu to do a factory reset.

    My 2 questions:

    1/ Does anyone have any idea on what the problem could be? Im thinking it might be the battery, but it seems like the only replacement batteries you can find are unofficial ones with very poor ratings

    2/ If the phone is dead, is there any way to recover the files on it? (local storage) Its mostly pictures, movies and music that she had uploaded on it. Since the phone wont boot, my Mac isnt able to recognize it, and it doesnt appear anywhere in Disk Utility (nor in diskutil list).

    Thank you for your help,
    05-24-2014 11:38 AM

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