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    Back in April my 16gb sdhc card was working fine until the 3rd week of of april. I don't was it the phone's updates or me trying to download files through my phones from my computer through the required cord (my phone is a Virgin Mobile Kyocera Event). I've tried few data recovery and even NTFS recovery; no luck. But it started like this and went downhill.

    First I couldn't play my podcast's mp3, then eventually my regular music. All because of Googleplay. So I've updated it. Then it would only play my podcasts. Eventually it stopped playing my music all together. So I look for another app that would play my music. I found one and it played for a little while and it eventually stopped. I've tried countless others and I began to see a recurring issue; my music file was being duplicated and neither one of them played. Not only that issue began going on, the same thing began happening to my pictures and eventually my documents.

    With my pictures thought, it was really strange. At first, it duplicating itself (the folders and pictures)and when I click on one it would only show one picture and the other folder would show all my pictures. Then when I add new pictures to my card, the duplicated folder would show the new added pictures only and the other folder would not show the new added pictures, but only the pictures originally on my card. And even then, it will only show so much. But as time goes on, my duplicated pictures now doing something else strange. It began separating my pictures with these duplicated folders, like i.e. let's say I have my folder called "My Stuff" and it have 1093 images in it. The first folder would show 1015 images in while the second folder would have 78. And if I deleted one folder either the 1015 or 78, it will began effecting the one another; it began counting down. And when I shut the phone off and on, the deleted folder will come back either with the same 78 and 1093 or with a different set numbers.

    Then one (o.k. a few days) the most bizarre thing that happen with my card. Whenever I take my card out of the phone and plug/inserted into my desktop, I didn't/don't see my music, photo, or other folders on my card, just files created by android and apps on my phone. But when I put it back into my phone and used the cord and plug it into computer, I can see it then (right along with the phone files). I tried backing it up, but it takes so long to the point that I began to think that it didn't want me to back up my sdhc content. Now in the last week in April/ beginning of May (oh I forgot to mention during this time, I would get messages on my phone to format my card on my phone and every time I would say no)I finally gave up solving this issues and about to format my phone and card until I realized that my sdhc card went from having 8gb left on my card to 14.2gb; it was almost completely empty.
    The rest of the part is fuzzy but I think this happen: I tried inserting my card both in the computer and phone over and over and eventually I tried deleting all folders on the card with the desktop and with the phone itself. Then eventually, when I tried formatting it, and it won't format. I looked at information about my issues, one thing I came across was about making your card read-only or readable or whatever and I tried that and now, it went from SDHC disk to MMC and whenever I insert the card into my computer it would always ask about formatting and when I do hit format, i'll get a message saying that windows can't format it and check to see if the disk and drive are connected (which it is), make sure the disk is not read-only and try again. And if I click on it, I get a message saying insert disk into SD card (which is already inserted). Can't error check, defrag, or anything. Hell, the disk drive not even reading my card info; it acting as if it isn't even there.

    So I tried data recovery programs and pretty much I get this; it either (a) won't read my card at all (as if it isn't there at all),(b) it show there, but not the main info like it does for the other drivers, or (c)(It happen with one program)it shows everything and when I scan it, it does nothing. Not only that, it showed that my card have 15kb when it fact my card is a 16gb (well 14.3gb since the computers read these cards wrong). I even scanned with the NTFS recovery and the partition offset is showing all 0's and I don't know what to do. What to do? Is this card saveable? I really want my data.
    05-25-2014 06:53 AM
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    What Android version are you running?
    05-25-2014 06:52 PM
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    05-25-2014 09:51 PM
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