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    I have an LG motion 4G and the other day I used adb (from the android SDK, adb.exe) to set the default install location to 2 [External] (SD card).

    shell@android: / $ pm set-install-location 2 
    pm set-install-location
    shell@android:/ $
    The command ran succesfully, but everytime I install something "by default" it installs to the internal storage.

    I checked to make sure it was on the Internal storage:
    shell@android:/ $ ls sdcard/Android/data
     (and there the app was com.google.android...)
    I wasn't on:

    shell@android:/ $ ls sdcard/external_sd/Android/data
    I also checked the "Device Storage" and it did take up space from the internal storage. (not the SD card)

    Any suggestions?
    05-31-2014 03:30 AM

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