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    Sorry if this is the wrong place, please let me know if there is a better forum for this.

    I have a Play Music All Access subscription so I use the Play Music app regularly. I am using it on a Nexus 5 that I just restored to stock due to unrelated issues. All I did was sign in to my Google account and launch the Play Music app. After about 15 minutes, Play Music's storage usage (under the "Apps" menu in settings) was up from 37MB to 117MB. This was without changing any settings, without playing any music, and without leaving the Listen Now screen. I was also on a data connection and Play Music now shows 144MB of data usage. Again, without streaming a single song or setting up anything to download.

    Since I have an unlimited plan right now I am more concerned about storage usage than data usage, so I disabled the Cache during playback option and tapped Clear Cache just to make sure. I then used Play Music normally for two days (just streaming the Radio option in my car). Play Music is now using 1.99GB of my internal storage. Nothing is saved for offline use and I have caching disabled, yet the app is taking up nearly 2GB of my storage. Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe some setting to change? I have tried other options like Spotify and Rdio and they are decent but lack some features I would miss from Play Music, but this storage usage is ridiculous. And I may end up leaving my unlimited plan at some point so the data usage when I am not even streaming could become an issue as well.
    06-02-2014 10:23 AM

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