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    okay, phew.. so..
    i have a samsung galaxy s3 which i recently broke the screen on. the screen is completely unresponsive however the touch buttons light up meaning the phone still works. when i try to retrieve my photos off my computer it doesnt let me because of my four digit passcode lock. i have done some researching and it seems like the screen lock needs to be removed entirely for me to be able to download my media from the phone. i do not have any way of seeing the screen. its completely black. i have no usb mouse or anything like that. does anyone have a step by step way to retrieve the media? my phone opens in the installer mode not as a media device.
    these are my options Samsung galaxy s3 pass code retrieval problems-untitledzdxfb-zxdfxcbvzdfcvb.jpg
    06-02-2014 09:10 PM

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