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    Got a slight problem with the way the stock alarm clock works on the S3.
    Having gotten used to how my S1 alarm clock worked im sure i WILL miss work sometime in the future now that i switched to S3.

    The way it worked on the S1 was: say it was tuesday and for 6:00(24 hour format) by default the alarm would sound the next time 6:00 rolled around, meaning the next day and if you hadnt set a day for the alarm it would always assume you wanted it to sound the next time the time came.

    Set it up the same way on the S3 and the first time you set it up it will be set up for 6:00 the next day, BUT(and this is a hairy orcs but) the clock then automatically assumes you want the alarm to sound ON WEDNESDAY at 6:00. Meaning that when you set the alarm on wednesday the clock will automatically assume you want to wake up at 6:00 on wednesday next week instead of tomorrow at 6:00.

    So what id like to know is: Is it possible to set the alarm to sound the next time the specified time comes? Or failing that does anyone have any suggestions for a good alarm app?

    Also im well aware i can tap the day while setting the alarm to have it sound the next day, but i would have to do this every time i set the alarm, which means i will probably forget to do so at some point.

    06-13-2014 02:32 PM

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