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    So I'm pretty new to andriod, though im pretty good at fixin stuff.

    first things first, the phone is with a provider called ACS, and it was running 2.6.3
    it is now running 4.2.1 rooted.

    heres the fun part. i can get to the APN settings, but they will not save, infact it doesnt even show any APNs. if i dont change the mmc and mnc it will save but obviously they wont work.

    i saw something that went in through teminal to change them

    Ensure your phone is rooted
    adb pull /system/etc/apns-conf.xml
    Add the carrier data to apns-conf.xml with your favorite text/xml editor and save
    adb push your modified apn-conf.xml file back to /sdcard/
    Copy this file back to /system/etc/ and change permissions (I use root explorer)
    Power down and change your SIM card (AT&T, T-mobile, whatever) if you hadn't already done so
    Power back on and go to Settings -> More Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names (if done properly you should see the APN data you entered for your respective carrier).
    Select one of the APN listings and then you should have working data

    but this doesnt work, the first line just brings up the help screen.

    ive also read something about custom roms, and modems, but im still a little fuzzy on all that.
    06-22-2014 05:06 AM

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