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    I've been on blackberry for so long that I've never had an iphone or android and I've decided I want an S5. I'm just curious if there is a good simple app out there that would combine BBM's and text messages into one place - a unified inbox for incoming messages. The only thing that I feel like I'll miss about OS10 is being able to go to one area and seeing a list of all my recent conversations (it's okay if email, facebook, etc are all separate).

    Also, how do I make sure that the phone isn't blacklisted. I'm in BC, Canada and I'm on bell. The phone is locked to rogers but I assume unlocking it isn't a big deal.

    Also, what else should I know? Any good tutorials on the basics of the OS? I've never used anything other than blackberry except for a couple hours on a friends Note 3 today.

    Thanks in advance.

    edit: I should add that as well as BBM's/texts and perhaps whatsapp messages all in one place i'd like to be able to differentiate what kind of message they are visually when looking at the list.
    07-03-2014 06:21 AM
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    Hi! Welcome (soon) to Android! You'll have a blast, I'm sure. Changing OS's is never easy, but that's why we're here for! To ease things up, so don't be shy and ask away if you ever have doubts!

    As far as a 'unified' inbox, that is, largely, what most BB users complain about when switching to Android. I'm not sure if the BBM Android app supports SMS integration or not, but the Android 'equivalent' to BBM, Google Hangouts, does provide a similar experience and allows you to unify with SMS/MMS.

    I personally don't know of an app that can unify your SMS's, IM's, and e-mails into a single inbox, but you can always do that with widgets and have all the info at a glance in a single screen, albeit from different accounts/apps.

    Android Central has a bunch of tutorials to get you started, but the Galaxy line always has good video and introductions when first powering the phone on. And there's always the 'Easy Mode' to get you started, letting you get acquainted with the OS before you delve deeper into it.
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    07-03-2014 09:02 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central...ENJOY
    07-03-2014 09:17 AM
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    Thanks for the replies, I've really figured out that it's only the BBM messages and text messages that I want together as I received them about equally as much.

    Also, I'm not sure if the Blackberry forum would know this better but if I'm on Bell Canada on a "blackberry plan" (which i believe isn't any different since os10) can I purchase a Rogers S5 off craigslist and have it factory unlocked and use it with my current SIM card? I believe the SIM is the same but i just talked to Bell retention and they couldn't tell me if the S5 would work on my current plan. And if I resign for 2 years they will take away my 6 gigs of data and won't match my plan to keep me, but that's a whole new subject...
    07-03-2014 09:14 PM
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    Since I'm not in your country and don't really know the specific of Rogers, unfortunatelly I can't tell you for sure, but I can tell you what carriers in my country do. If you have a BlackBerry plan, if the SIM fits and the phone is unlocked and supports the carrier's frequencies, you CAN use it without problems, but you may see a different data consumption rate since most of the plans here include e-mail and BBM and other stuff that travels through BlackBerry's servers, which now you would not have available and would have to use 'regular' data to use those services. Also, if your plan is REALLY old, you might not be able to use the S5's 4G speed and be 'stuck' with 3G speeds.

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    07-04-2014 09:04 PM

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