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    So use to be a windows phone user but decided to give Android a try with the OnePlus One. So far having a really hard time adjusting to the UI though. A lot of features which I assumed would be universal amongst OS's seems to be features on Windows. So hoping people can help me customize this device.

    Things I'm looking to do:
    1) One of the best selling points of Windows Phone is how easily it integrates with Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin and other accounts. My friends list mainly pulled data from Facebook and Twitter to fill it out. I heard Contacts+ was similar, but it is failing to pull a ton of information for me (and a good section of my friends just don't appear in it). Is there a better contact list?

    2) Can I sync my Facebook calendar with the system calendar?

    3) For missed calls/texts can i get that info displayed on the top of the screen or somewhere visually instead of that blinking light?

    4) For organizing apps can I make it a long vertical scroll instead of the numerous home screens side by side (same for viewing all apps)?

    5) Any good camera apps? My Lumia had a ton of features built into the camera and the Android one seems really basic in comparison.

    6) Any good apps to get a high level view of all my social media accounts? With windows phone the me tile would track if anyone contacted/referenced me on any of my accounts and the people one showed me a goodhigh level view of all my friends and let me view their individual feeds for more info.

    7) Is it possible to adjust my music volume different from my app? One thing I'm noticing in running apps with music is my music is really loud and the app audio very quiet. I would like to adjust my music to be at like volume 7 but app audio to be at like 15

    8) Set the power button to open the lock screen instead of just going to main (but not actually lock the phone). i'm finding while walking/running the power button keeps getting hit and then stuff starts doing crazy things. Just swiping up to get back into the phone after hitting the power button would be useful.

    07-06-2014 11:47 AM
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    Welcome to Android, and Android Central! For starters, check out this guide: http://forums.androidcentral.com/gen...id-2014-a.html

    1. I was going to suggest Contacts+, but otherwise, I'm not aware of other apps that can do that. It's never been an issue for me, because I always try to keep my Facebook contacts separate from my Google contacts.

    2. Check out this article: Android 101: How to sync Facebook Events with Google Calendar | Android Central

    3. There are lots of apps you can install for this. Try Lock Screen Notifications.

    4. This depends on the particular UI, since some custom UIs might have this feature, while others don't. You can also install a 3rd party launcher like Nova, which I know gives you this option.

    5. Again, lots of options out there. Try Camera Zoom FX, VSCO Cam, or Perfectly Clear, for starters.

    6. Not sure about this one. Try searching for "Android social media aggregator."

    7. You could give Volume Control+ a try.

    8. Go to Settings>Security>Screen Lock. Set it to Slide, which should open the phone to the lockscreen, but only require a slide to unlock. You may also want to set the Automatically Lock interval to Immediately, if you always want the lockscreen to come up when you turn on the phone.
    07-07-2014 01:08 AM

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