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    Hello I have a lower end Android, 4.0.4 I believe, H867g Huawei Inspira. Games like Zombiewood lag..
    I have tried cleaning ram, Deleting various apps that use ram..
    I have tried CPU Tuner, seemed to have no effect on Zombiewood, ( I thought that game would be good for these tests correct me if it isn't.. I didn't try too many other games).. also CPU TUNER doesn't let me overclock CPU.
    Removed extra data and cache from apps on my phone. Removed some bloatware.
    My device is rooted. Although there appears to be NOOOO Roms compatible with it, which I REALLY hate, so if you know of a good one compatible (preferrably good for gaming) PLEASE recommend..
    I also tried RAM booster. For cleanup I use SDMaid, Cache Cleaner, and The Cleaner (cleans memory as well), and I go into settings and clear data/cache manually sometimes.
    I don't know anything much about factory rom stuff (if that is the right term or if that even affects games, or if RAM even affects games, sorry I am a noob here..) And I know almost nothing about GPU stuff.
    more info about my device (according to CPU-Z):
    ARM Cortex-a5
    1 core
    revision r0p1
    Clock speed 122mhz - 1.01ghz
    CPU 0 245 mhz
    GPU Vendor Qualcomm
    GPU Renderer Adreno (TM) 200
    Scaling Governor ondemand
    Opengl es version 2.0
    Kernel Architecture armv7l
    Kernel version 3.0.21-perf-g07d599d-00639...
    Total RAM 390 mb
    Available RAM 46mb (it says way more in some other apps???)
    IS there ANYTHING I can do to boost gaming performance, reduce lag?? What are all the suggestions for it you have??
    Edit: I just discovered RAM Swapping, I installed https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...Lm1lbWluZm8iXQ.. on my android to see if it would work with my kernel and it of course says it doesn't.. Is there ANYTHING I can do about this, also considering there seems to be NO custom ROMS for my android??
    07-07-2014 04:12 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Unfortunately, your device is just far too underpowered for most modern games. The CPU is single core, and your total system RAM is exceedingly low. I don't know much about hacking a phone, but I really doubt there are any modifications you can do to overcome those limitations.
    07-07-2014 10:27 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    I do know about hacking phones, and B. Diddy is right - the only "modification" you can make to solve both of your problems is to replace the phone with a more modern phone - one that has the CPU power, amount of RAM and storage you need for the games you play and is supported by a large enough community that some people are writing ROMs for it.

    You can't overclock a kernel that isn't written to be overclocked.
    ROMs are written either just to write a ROM (in which case, you flash it, play with it, say "hmmm, that's nice", then go back to your normal ROM, or for a specific purpose, like longer battery life or more storage, in which case you flash it and - assuming it has no major bugs - keep it. There's no ROM that gives you any appreciably better performance in gaming. (A faster ROM will give you faster performance in all apps. A game is just another app, as far as the phone is concerned. About the only enhancement a ROM can have that mostly applies only to games is improved graphics speed, and that's mostly determined by the hardware.)

    "Cleaning" apps out of RAM usually results in slower operation. (You may have noticed that some apps, when you "clean" them, rerun themselves.) Android has a better memory manager than any of the "cleaning" apps you can download, so just let it work. (Unlike Windows, where the more unused RAM the better, with Android, the more used RAM the better. Unused RAM is wasted RAM.)

    The three things that are killing your gaming are CPU architecture (number of cores and maximum speed), GPU architecture (maximum speed and how much can be done on-chip, as opposed to the CPU doing the drawing) and total amount of RAM (390MB). All of that is hardware, so any changes you can make - which are all software) won't speed things up enough for you to really notice.
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    07-08-2014 12:48 PM

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