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    I got matched with a girl and been talking to this girl on Tinder last weekend, i thought i wait a couple days to reply to her as i try to play it cool and don't want to be desperate!

    Today i had gone on Tinder and gone in to messages but for some reason the messages are not showing up and the loading circle keeps on going around and around as it never stops!

    I don't think she has blocked me because of the loading circle keeps going around and we only sent 2 messages to each other so far.

    And don't tell me to reinstall Tinder because i have done it couple weeks ago but by doing that i had lose all my matches on Tinder. So no i don't want to do that again.

    Is this a glitch/bug? How do i fix this bug(messages not showing up/loading circle keeps going around) and still be able to talk to the girl i have been talking to on Tinder?

    And i use Tinder on my Android tablet if that helps.

    07-15-2014 12:23 PM
  2. Billy95Tech's Avatar
    07-16-2014 03:31 AM
  3. Billy95Tech's Avatar
    Can someone help me please?
    07-17-2014 04:25 AM
  4. ShaggyKids's Avatar
    Not familiar with dating sites or apps but can you see if it works on your desktop computer? Have you contacted the app maker tech support?
    07-17-2014 08:00 AM

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