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    I'm going to get my pay from my job soon which will equal to around $300 tops. Should I get the Moto G 4G LTE for $219 on AT&T GoPhone prepaid or get the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE on Virgin Mobile (my current carrier) for $191? I'm really worried about the coverage, but still factor in performance, storage, camera and the whole nine when you reply.

    Thank You!
    07-19-2014 05:42 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Which coverage are you worried about, AT&T or Virgin? I'm guessing AT&T will be superior. I don't have direct experience with either phone, but from what I've read in reviews and members' experience here on the forums, I'd suggest the Moto G. It gets high praise from most everyone, with excellent performance given its surprisingly low price. The new Moto G has the added advantage of 4G and an SD card slot. Perhaps the main advantage the S3 has is a removable battery.

    Do you know how much internal storage ROM each phone comes with? Make sure they have at least 8 GB, preferably 16 GB.
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    07-19-2014 08:42 PM
  3. jayboiandroid's Avatar
    The Moto G 4G LTE has 8 GB ROM (4-5 GB usable) and the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G LTE has 16 GB (11-12 GB usable) and when I said I was worried about coverage I was talking about both phones. I've been on Virgin Mobile for about 3 years now I can stay but is the S3 a better phone? Remember my main focus is gaming and watching HD videos.
    07-20-2014 03:06 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    If you install fairly big games, then the S3 may be better for you, since it has more internal storage. Apps can only be installed on internal storage, so the Moto G might fill up fairly quickly.
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    07-20-2014 03:42 AM
  5. jayboiandroid's Avatar
    Thats what im stuck on...I wish there was a phone that gets updated and has 16gb in this same price range because im mainly a gamer and YouTube viewer so this drives me nuts. I do have a 3DS however...
    07-21-2014 09:40 AM
  6. Rukbat's Avatar
    The first consideration is which carrier gives you the coverage you need. The best phone in the world, if that carrier doesn't cover the spot you're in when you need a phone call, is a useless piece of electronic waste.

    Check AT&T's coverage in the places you need coverage. (Don't just go to the block your office is on and see if it gets coverage. There's only one place in this entire town that has absolutely zero Sprint coverage - and that's inside my daughter's house. On the front step, on the rear deck, there's good coverage, but the only pace inside the house that has any coverage at all is one pane of one window in her bedroom. And only if the phone is held in the right position.) Radio signal propagation is an entire field, and learning the effect that causes a small space to be a hole in the coverage could take a few months of study.

    See if AT&T has coverage at your desk, in the rest room you use, etc. If not, you don't want any AT&T phone. Only when you know (if it turns out that way) that AT&T gives you the coverage you need will there be any reason to have to make a choice.

    Otherwise stay with Virgin and look for a better phone on their network.
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    07-23-2014 05:16 PM
  7. jayboiandroid's Avatar
    This is long overdue but I got the Samsung Galaxy S III on Virgin Mobile a couple weeks ago and I love it. Thank you all for your answers and suggestions though
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    08-26-2014 10:45 PM

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