1. jcorv58's Avatar
    I desperately need help, this is a maddening issue, seriously ready to give up and go back to bb just because of this issue. I keep having to change my default ringtone to my choice, for some unknown reason, it keeps getting changed back to default. I have rings extended and have changed most of my contacts ringtones and they have stayed, but whenever I go to settings and change it and then either shut my phone off, plug it in, whatever, it causes it to go back to default.....*deep breath*......I have tried ringdroid and that seems to only work as a ringtone maker, it will not show up in the menu to change tones like Rings Extended does. I also moved my ringtones to an appropriate folder for access. I also have adw launcher now (previously Launcherpro plus-which made no difference) If anyone has had this issue and had it resolved, please help me.
    10-24-2010 06:07 PM
  2. JobeTP's Avatar
    The same thing started happening on my phone recently. At 2:00AM in the morning, it can be really annoying to have the "brrrinnnng" of the default ringtone, when spam shows up in your email inbox. Yes, one could turn the ringer down or turn the phone off, but when you select a ring tone of silent it should stay silent. I agree it is a nasty problem.

    Droid 1
    OS Ver: 2.2
    Build: FRG22D
    11-13-2010 07:24 AM
  3. takeshi's Avatar
    How are you setting the default ringtone? In Android's settings or via an app?
    11-14-2010 12:55 PM
  4. igotsanevo4g's Avatar
    hit your text messaging app, not hand cent, and hit menu-settings-notifications. Por go into sound settings.

    ill I got for you.
    11-14-2010 01:31 PM
  5. onixblack's Avatar
    This happens to me on my EVO every now and than, however instead of it changing to a random ringtone it selects a song from my playlist.

    It only does this for one person at a time instead of the changing the default, so I never know when it happens.
    12-14-2010 04:48 PM
  6. scamp1950's Avatar
    Same problem on my LG. Whether I choose a ring from the android menu or Zedge, the rings and notification sounds default back to an annoying sound. Very disappointing.
    09-07-2012 09:23 PM