1. Nowucme Nowudont's Avatar
    I rooted my lg motion no problem. Forever one gripe i have is sometimes (not everytime) when my phone is reset or powered off and back i noticed two things happen...

    1. The home screen looks as if factory reset (rhapsody widgets, metro pcs system apps all over home screen like out of the box:....my wall paper is the sane but the icons and number of screens all return to stock.

    And 2
    My phone brings back previously uninstalled system bloatware.(ie polaris.office pocket express etc)

    If it matters i rooted via a one click type appi found had guys results on YouTube. I'm sure if you search "root lg Motion no pc" on YouTube it'll come up

    Also how shall i unroot in the future withoutmessing up my phone as I've heard some get stuck in boot loops or get blank screens etc

    Thanks a bunch
    07-29-2014 11:41 AM

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