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    There is an option in the Android API which enables phone numbers, email addresses and URLs, entered into the NOTES section of Contact Details, to be highlighted and selectable. So for example clicking on a highlighted phone number in notes will take you direct to the dial screen. This is not enabled on most stock Android Contact apps, but it is an option in DW Contacts...
    ...an excellent app for anyone wanting something better than the stock Android Contacts.

    However, that API option has its problems...
    When Contact Details are displayed using this option, any number string in the NOTES section is potentially highlighted and selectable and if selected initiates the dialer screen, sometimes these number strings are not phone numbers. Also the criteria for designating a number as selectable appears to be completely arbitrary, as some numbers which are clearly not phone numbers are highlighted..."12.15pm to 1.15pm" ... 12.15 is selectable but 1.15 is not. Selecting 12.15 goes to the dialer with the number 1215. Changing it to 12:15pm (change from full-stop to colon) turns off the highlight/selectable.
    In the case of a phone number/address string like... "01234 987654 - 25 My Street, Anywhere" ...the highlighting is of the three discreet numbers so resulting in three phone numbers 01234, 987654 and 25. Changing it to...
    "01234 987 654
    25 My Street, Anywhere"... results in the correct phone number being highlighted.

    Android is a little crazy in its application of this feature. Is there anywhere a published spec for this API feature that would tell me how numbers should be entered to ensure they are correctly highlighted, or, equally, not highlighted. Rather than the present try it and see if it works.

    EDIT: I got a pointer to this spec over on the DW Contacts forum. So item CLOSED.
    08-10-2014 06:57 AM

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