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    I have over 300 music tracks I would like to upload to 5 different playists on my Android mobile.
    Basically I want to transfer playlists from my PC to a targeted Android playlist.

    The only option I can do now is:
    1. Upload 300+ media files from my PC to the Android's “Recently Added” work area.
    2. Once there, I would have to manually copy 1 by 1 each media track from “recently added” to my predefined Android playlist.

    I looked in the software Moborobo. Great interface, but will only upload media files to your Recently Added work area.
    There is no transfer of PC playlist to Android Playlist using Moborobo.

    When I had a LG Android phone, I used LG PC Suite software interface. Using this, you could interface your PC playlist with the Android and upload each playlist seamlessly to it's specified target. However LG PC Suite only works with LG models.

    Is there any freeware software available that works similar to LG PC Suite?
    Or is there a "out of the box" manual procedure I can streamline the upload & transfer to my targeted playlists w/o going through the single copy option. I am not to concern about syncing. As I will always overly a fresh copy.

    09-01-2014 03:43 AM
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    This is the OP, I found a workaround – see below.

    Using .m3u extension, you can upload a playlist to your Android, that will be recognized as a playlist.

    First, I am already using VLC as my current video/media player.
    Doing a little exploring on vlc, I notice VLC can save a playlist with a m3u extension.

    1. Copied 10 media files from my PC playlist to VLC playlist.
    2. Saved vlc playlist as a .m3u file.
    3. Drag/drop the 10 media files to my device.
    4. Drag/drop vlc m3u playlist to my device.
    5. Android device now added the vlc playlist in the playlist library having 10 media tracks.

    09-01-2014 05:22 PM

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