1. Gil80's Avatar
    Hi. I've just purchased a newly Samsung Galaxy S I9000.
    I'm quite happy with it but there are some annoying bugs that I wish to share. Maybe you people know about fixing it.

    1. When viewing photos in the default gallery app. the quality is poor. Clicking on the thumbnail only enlarge the thumb and the image is pixelated.

    2. It takes forever to render the larger image (800X533) which I beleive is being downloaded from picasa web gallery. I'm using fast WiFi connection.

    3. Buddy Icons quality is poor. This is same as before. It doesn't matter if the image is crroped to fit the square thumb or it is imported to the phone in the best fitting size,
    the iamge is rendered poorly.

    4. Zooming photos at high resulution is rendered poorly as if the image has been compressed. Zooming on the same image with different app. shows the realy good quality of the image.

    Is there a fix for any of these issues?
    11-08-2010 04:22 AM
  2. loraque's Avatar
    Try the app JustPictures for a Gallery replacement. It in particular is supposed to be good for images that are in the cloud. This may solve one or two of the problems...

    I have heard before about the buddy pictures being low quality. I think this is a feature of Gmail, as that post was mentioning how it did not matter if he imported from Gmail or the phone. Perhaps there is a CONTACTS replacement that will not compress buddy pics too much?
    11-08-2010 12:53 PM
  3. Gil80's Avatar
    Thanks I'll try that app.
    I hope there will be a solution for it and the buddy icons.
    11-08-2010 02:32 PM